Trusted Brand

What is the Confeuropa Patronat Trusted Brand?
The Confeuropa Patronat Trusted Brand is a seal, image, or logo that indicatesthe fact that the products / services that is applied has high quality standards and the person who uses it, usually an organization or a company, is a person authorized to use those products / services that have met all the qualification criteria established by Confeuropa Patronat.

How many types of Confeuropa Patronat Trusted Brand seals are there?

One. Confeuropa Patronat annually issues one type of Trusted Brand seals:

Trusted Brand Recommended by Confeuropa Patronat – it is issued for those products / services of an organization or company, which meet the qualification criteria and comply with the laws and rules established by the Confeuropa Imprese.

Who can apply for Confeuropa Patronat Trusted Brand seals?

Any registered organization can apply for the right to hold a Confeuropa Patronat Trusted Brand.

Who qualifies for the Confeuropa Patronat Trusted Brand?

All applicants will be subject to a rigorous endorsement process to determine if the registered products / services meet the standards set by the Confeuropa Patronat to be recommended by the Confeuropa Patronat . The approved applicant will receive the Trusted Brand Recommended by Confeuropa Patronat seal, as valid for 1 year, as well as a Certificate of Authorization, which gives it the right to use and apply the seal on qualified products / services.